the Giuliani family

This is a story about a shoemaker. . .

a tablemaker. . .and their two sons.

Nicola, the shoemaker, and Amalia, the tablemaker, were born in Castelgrande, a hill town in southern Italy.

Nicola went to Princeton. . .to open a shoe shop.

Then sailed back to Italy to marry Amalia, the best cook in town!

Together they crossed the Atlantic to America, passed through Ellis Island and settled in the Bronx before moving to the Avenue. . .in Greenwich, Connecticut.

And there, they welcomed both friend and stranger. . .around their yellow table.

They had two sons, Vin, the artist, John, the priest. . .born into craft, born into beauty.

They excelled in the art of drawing and design at a very early age.

Vin collected found-objects and assembled them into new harmonies.

John was found by the Spirit, and gathered people to celebrate new relationships.

Vin became a graphic designer in New York City.

John became a priest and a painter of holy faces.

Through the inspiration and generosity of Amalia and Nicola, the Benedictine Grange was founded.

Nicola and Amalia, Vin and John. . .all crafters of beauty, souls rooted in human spirituality.

And, a foundation was born. . .

Some of Father John's artwork may be viewed at